Podastrana Family Farm

Podastrana Family Farm

Maison rurale Podastrana

Jerko Odžak

+385 (0)97 698 2074


The Podastrana Family Farm is situated in the Municipality of Hrvace, a pearl of the Dalmatian hinterland, abundant in drinking water sources of the clean and clear Cetina river and many other benefits of nature. The Odžak (Tur. a very good, rich family) family are considered to have been present in Hrvace since 1725. The family were engaged in agriculture and were known as owners of large estates that were cultivated so that the family could survive and grow. Today there are two families in Hrvace bearing the Odžak surname who, despite the modern way of life, have preserved good old customs, like the preparation of healthy homemade food.

The hamlet of Odžaci is remote from road hubs so there you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the countryside, listening to the chirping of birds. This, together with quality spit-roasted dishes, dishes under peka (a traditional bell-shaped lid), dishes made in a wood-fired bread oven or in a bakra (a traditional clay pot), guarantees that guests will come and visit us again. The family produce their own drinks, homemade wine, sour cherry, walnut and apple grappa. The accordion and guitar song is a guarantee that you will have a good time at the Odžak family's place. In addition to this, the Carpe Diem Adventure Tourism Association offers various recreational activities (cycling, paintball, paragliding, Cetina canoe safari) as well as farm assistance / help with farm work. Since the maximum number of guests is 50, we organise smaller intimate celebrations. All visits should be announced 24 hours in advance.


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