Traditional menu

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Traditional menu Monika Vrgoč

Alka Feast

On the Alka day, an Alkar receives a present from an Alka squire who gives him pulestre (domestic pullets), cheese and sometimes also prosciutto. The food offered traditionally includes:

  • prosciutto and cheese served with olives and pickled gherkins
  • beef soup with pasta
  • roast lamb with salad greens
  • roast suckling pig with lemon
  • the arambaši
  • stewed savoury crabmeat à la Sinj
  • assorted pastries, wine, juices

Carnival (Shrovetide) – Shrove Tuesday

  • pašticada (thick beef sauce) with gnocchi and grated cheese
  • kroštule (Carnival fritters)
  • fritule (Carnival fritters)

Assumption Feast

  • beef soup with pasta
  • the arambaši
  • boiled beef with horseradish
  • breaded fried veal with salad greens
  • breaded fried frogs
  • stewed savoury crabmeat à la Sinj
  • roast suckling pig with lemon
  • assorted pastries
  • wine, beer, juices

Text by: Mario Despotović

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